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Articles from the 2021 Summer  Issue
of The National Psychologist


Experiential learning comes from cultural immersion & autism

While completing a graduate program in clinical psychology, there come difficulties, and with them come opportunities for growth through experiential learning. One growth opportunity for me is through navigating this training process while on the autism spectrum. For most people, social aspects of navigating the world come naturally, but I have to learn as though […]


Genetics story at The National Psychologist

Are we genetically predisposed to conflict and violence?

Genetics research long ago revealed that genes fundamentally determine the structures, functions and behaviors of all living things to ensure their survival and that genetics determines the structure and function of our brains. Neuroscience research has well established that our brains determine our individual responses to our environments and are programmed by epigenetic experiences that […]

Prescribing Psychologists share stories/ The National Psychologist

Prescribing psychologists share stories of their journey

Prescribing psychologists are growing in number and influence, providing increased access to care for the most underserved citizens. There are eight licensed prescribing psychologists in Illinois today with six more expected this year. There are an additional 50 prescribing psychology trainees and 75 undergraduate students at The University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana in a pre-prescribing psychologist […]

Writing on Tablet

Posting of test questions online: Both ill-advised & illegal


My patient may be placing others at risk of contracting COVID-19: What should I do?

 We have been asked to respond to the following scenario: A nurse-client told me that her kid just informed her that she can no longer taste or smell. The nurse knows the drill and said that she is going to quarantine her child for two weeks from school. I asked about her, and what […]


Psychologists will be on front lines of helping recovering COVID patients

With news from a United Kingdom study that 1 out of 3 COVID-19 survivors suffer from psychiatric or neurological problems, the burden for psychologists grew even greater this spring. “The effect across the whole population may be substantial for health and social care systems due to the scale of the pandemic,” University of Oxford Professor […]


Retailers could help shape future of mental health treatment

Is the future of mental health therapy right around the corner? Say, at your local CVS or Walmart? That’s the concept some national retailers are growing through pilot programs at select locations. It’s one that could help improve access to mental health care in general – especially in underserved populations – while also providing a […]


Improving health through community policies gains momentum

Picture a city where walking and bike paths are abundant, most restaurants offer tasty plant-based options and grocery store displays of candy in the checkout aisle don’t exist. Residents can join small walking groups, garden in community plots, lunch at potlucks, take cooking classes, meet neighbors at “Wine at 5” events and attend life-purpose discussion […]


FDA approval of new Alzheimer’s drug is fraught with controversy

The conditional approval in June by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Biogen’s drug, aducanumab, the first new medication since 2003 to treat Alzheimer’s disease, was met with a flurry of praise for giving hope to the millions living with dementia and criticism by many researchers, the geriatric medicine community and watchdog groups. In […]


Farewell, hello and kudos


Farewell, It has been our privilege for 30 years to bring you The National Psychologist (TNP). In 1991, our founder and my father, Henry Saeman started TNP as a family business with my mother and myself. He took out a small bank loan to get started. It was paid off in six months. Since his […]

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