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Farewell, hello and kudos

By Martin A. Saeman, MSW, Publisher and Managing Editor
July 30, 2021


It has been our privilege for 30 years to bring you The National Psychologist (TNP).  In 1991, our founder and my father, Henry Saeman started TNP as a family business with my mother and myself. He took out a small bank loan to get started. It was paid off in six months. Since his death 18 years ago, it has remained a family business.

Unfortunately, the last several years have been extremely lean times financially for us. As a service to our psychologist readers and our advertisers during that time, our family has infused TNP with thousands of dollars of personal and retirement money to keep this newspaper alive and operational. We are financially unable to continue to do this.

Therefore, this is the last print issue we will produce. Like many newspapers across the country, expenses continue to exceed revenues including printing and postage costs, which continue to rise (with another 4 to 5 percent postage increase pending in August 2021). We simply cannot afford to continue as we have for the last 30 years.


Changes are ahead. We plan to continue The National Psychologist online in the near future. Our content will remain similar – practice-oriented with more frequent updates and breaking news that you will receive much quicker than before. We will ensure that subscribers will have easy online access. We will offer a few sample articles free, but much of the content will be password protected. However, that content will be fully available for paid subscribers. There should be no interruption in paid subscriptions.

Note to all paid subscribers: Please make sure we have your correct email address and telephone number. To receive full access to our new online platform, non-paid subscribers may pay to subscribe by using the form on the back page. Names may be deleted without notice.

Our goals are, first, to keep our readers informed about practice issues and to provide interesting features in a timely manner.

Next is to continue to offer C.E. credits for reading TNP. We are working with our C.E. provider to iron out necessary details and make certain modifications to continue making C.E. available to you. Please go to our website for C.E. and other updates at


Well, once again I’m “blown away” by the generosity of some of our readers. As mentioned in the last issue, we received a sizable check from one reader who said, “I’ve enjoyed reading The National Psychologist (TNP) free for the past 15 years. … Now, I’m paying it back.”

In April, we received another reader’s praise and sizable donation after sending her several years of copies. Also, others have donated smaller amounts.

Once again, thanks to all our readers.

We are so grateful and appreciative for the comments, donations and subscriptions from our faithful readers. It is our hope that you also appreciate the news and information we have provided.

We hope everyone who receives and reads TNP will continue to follow us online during this time of transition and beyond.

We also hope to be more active on Twitter @Natlpsych

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