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The National Psychologist has been a family business since its inception in 1991 - more than 30 years ago. During that time, we have published more than 170 issues of the print newspaper. The newspaper began with a small bank loan of $25,000. It was supposed to be paid back in two years. In actuality, it was paid back in less than six months. During our 30+ year history, we have provided our readers (practicing psychologists) with information not found in other publications. Our original material has impacted practice in many ways. Just two examples are a psychologist told us that he added a method of psychotherapy to his practice that he learned about from reading TNP. Now, it is his mainstay. Another reader said she engaged with a pro bono organization several years ago and has now donated hundreds of hours to her community as a psychologist. These are just two examples of the impact TNP has made on the practice of psychology. 


Our family has also donated hundreds of hours of time and tens of thousands of dollars of family savings and retirement money to keep TNP afloat. It is our hope is that you, our readers, have gained from our newspaper similar to the examples above and will continue to support us by subscribing and/or donating to TNP so we can continue providing you with news, information and original material that you will find in no other publications in the psychology landscape. To make a donation by check, mail it to The National Psychologist,

6039 E. Main St.

Columbus, Ohio 43213

or call 614-861-1999 with a credit card.

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Did you know...?
That psychologists can earn 1 continuing education credit per issue for simply reading The National Psychologist? A great reason to 

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