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Articles from the Winter 2022/Spring 2023  Issue of The National Psychologist

Investigation exposes corruption 

in for-profit hospice care


By Paula Hartman-Stein, Ph.D.

An exposé jointly published in December by The New Yorker and ProPublica has revealed fraud, patient mistreatment, and predatory practices among certain for-profit hospice businesses in the U.S. 

The investigation points to the current Medicare reimbursement structure as enabling providers to exploit dying patients because hospice care largely takes place behind closed doors, with families not realizing when patient needs are not being met.



Charles Manson’s psychopathology 

complicated and fascinating


By Alan F. Friedman, Ph.D., et al


A recently published journal article examines the last psychological evaluation of Charles Manson and includes a contemporary analysis of his psychological test findings along with clinical observations of his personality, both from the original testing and past interviews from video recordings.

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What you need to know about DSM-5-TR

By Megan Wrona, Ph.D.


and Brian Burke, Ph.D.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) provides classifications for the range of human mental health disorders. The DSM outlines specific symptoms that must be exhibited for a person to receive a particular diagnosis and is used to communicate within the profession

Clinicians and the court

Leisl Bryant, Ph.D., ABPP

and Julie Jacobs, Psy.D., J.D.


Many clinicians dread being pulled into their patients’ legal or administrative matters and often make considerable efforts to avoid them. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon for treating psychologists to find themselves unexpectedly involved in such matters.


Private Equity firms 

devouring U.S. healthcare

By F. Douglas Stephenson, LCSW, BCD

 Private equity has succeeded in depicting itself as part of the productive economy of healthcare services,  even as it is increasingly recognized as parasitic. The essence of this toxic parasitism is not only to drain the host's nourishment but also to dull the host's brain so that it often does not even recognize that the parasite is there.

Make cyber security a priority

By Trish Sheehan


With all the news of cyber-attacks, ransomware, and data breaches involving the healthcare industry, it is still shocking to read the number of records that have been exposed. 


Psychodiagnostic testing 

faces many roadblocks

By Jerrold Pollak, Ph.D., ABN, ABPP

A middle-aged man with a complicated history involving recurrent anxiety, depression, anger control problems and erratic job functioning, and possibly post-traumatic stress, low-grade psychosis, and emergent symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy was referred for psychological/neuropsychological testing by his psychiatrist to clarify his neuropsychiatric status.

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